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More bang for your buck is what they go by. They're a bit like Amazon in that they sell almost anything and everything. But what I love is their clothing collection. It's farmhouse girl meets city slicker. 

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It's clean, simple yet stylish, and something caregivers could put on quickly in case of medical emergencies in the middle of the night. Not to mention it will keep you comfortable for those long ER waits or overnight hospital stays. 

Visit "Fashion Sense by Banggood" Pinterest board where I'm collecting my favorite dresses, pants, and hats. Sales happening every day, lots of coupons available, and sweet incentives if you decide to become an affiliate

Essential Oils by Edens Garden
This is also not an affiliate program. Edens Garden has great prices and they do have a rewards' program. You receive points for your personal orders and signing up other people via a special link. Points earned gives you a nice discount when you buy your oils on their website. Order Here if you like. 


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