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Thursday, November 28, 2019

How To Have a Happy Thanksgiving


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As I write this post it's pouring outside. I'm watching the Lions and Bears battle out on the football field. I'm picking the Lions since they're down to their 3rd string QB. Football always makes me get into that happy Thanksgiving spirit. Having the fireplace flame on is like the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie. That's not my favorite kind of pie by the way. How 'bout you?

Mom and Dad are trying to learn the game, which is quite hilarious. They would like to know why we call it football when no one is allowed to contact the ball with their feet. We protest that the kickers do. They also complain that they can't see the ball. I confess I'm not the one to be teaching them. Both of them have decided to make their own rules and we'll just let them. It brings a whole lot of happy

Pilgrim, Girl, Thanksgiving, Holiday, CelebrationFor me the happy in my Thanksgiving starts in the car. Around 2:30 p.m. today we'll head out to my brother's house hoping that my little red, four-wheel drive Jeep Renegade also known as R2DQ will keep us safe. I've got precious cargo on board. Nonetheless, asking the Lord for travelling mercies would probably be better. 

So I pray for God's mercies on the road today as we travel from here to there. I try to keep it happy in the car. Nice music, the heater on, drive slowly, and get them (Mom and Dad) a nice cup of hot coffee. Can you say Toasted White Chocolate Mocha?

Remember to take plenty of whiffs of that turkey in the oven, the pies, and all the trimmings. Say aah and ooh a lot when you see that Thanksgiving table and say thank you. Make the host feel appreciated. It takes hours to prepare that meal and only a few minutes to devour it. Give thanks! 

This is a chance to make wonderful happy memories. Leave the politics far from this gathering. Make Jesus always the center of the conversation (or how you behave)center on His goodness, lovingkindness, and mercy especially when beloved non-believers are present. You are the bridge to Jesus not the gavel. 

So I pray for the one (my amazing sister-in-law) who's preparing the meal and her home for her guests for strength especially, patience with us, joy in her heart, and rest.

Right now I'm looking out the window and that rain is falling down hard. My friend is questioning whether we should go at all. It's true, but I can't imagine not showing up. Good thing we kept her reversible umbrella. It's easy to get into the car and the raindrops are contained inside the umbrella. I know, it's wonderful. I'll get it back to her soon. 

Well, my clothes are in the wash because I decided to be comfortable in my very flowery LulaRoe pants, which needed a good washing. Dress comfortably, I say, presentable yes, but I'm gonna be me. 

This was a quick post to ride out the storm, to remind myself to celebrate, to bring happiness to the table, and to wish everyone a most awesome and blessed Thanksgiving. 

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