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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Corona Virus COVID 19, Toilet Paper, Survival Mode and God

Now there's a post title I thought I would never write. Corona Virus, the COVID 19 strain, probably no longer needs an explanation. The fallout, however, is quite the story, right? What's up with the toilet paper? So for generations to come what will they say of us? 

"Wow," will they say, "because of our ancestors we know how to handle a world wide pandemic. Here's what they taught us ...," and the history book of our success is read by every future generation. Or will they remember us that we hoarded toilet paper, didn't help out our neighbors, looked out for only ourselves, and caused the market to crash like it has never crashed before?

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened,  and do not  be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. ~Joshua 1:9 (NIV)

Here's something I found on the internet: COVID 19 stands for Christ Over Viruses and Infectious Diseases followed by Joshua 1:9.

To be honest, so far I think we're handling it pretty well, except it seems COVID 19 has turned 50 percent of us into hoarders. This is wicked, selfish, and ... dumb.

I'm not the best at math (actually I almost flunked it in high school) but if we all just shopped like normal (maybe one extra package of toilet paper etc.) we would all have our fair share, right?

Also, my thoughts as a Christian brings me back to the days when the children of Israel walked into the desert and wound up without food, and other necessities, I'm sure. God rained manna on them. The command was "take as much as you need for the day, no less, no more." If you didn't gather enough, that's ignorant and not wise, and if you hoarded too much it would rot in your mouth. Eeeeck. Do we trust God to supply our needs for the day? Maybe that's a hard lesson for you. Trust God in times like these? Buckle up that spiritual armor, you can do it.

You don't even have to leave the comfort of your home!

My Quiet Non-Panic List

1. Pray
2. Trust God
3. Love my neighbors
4. Use the common sense God gave me
5. Find alternative solutions
6. Order food from Hello Fresh or Sun Basket (They deliver. I use both and they are easy, amazing, and convenient more than ever in this time.)
6. Don't watch the news ... too much. Find encouraging bloggers and other social media people with wisdom, knowledge, and have creative ways to get us through this uncertain time.

I don't know where your brain went when this all broke out, but I'm looking for alternative solutions. Plenty of people out in this great world of ours have grown their own food, stocked up long before this pandemic with canned goods and other long-shelf-life items, and yes, made their own toilet paper. 

Personally, I would find old t-shirts, cut them up into nice-size pieces and place them in a bucket next to the porcelain throne. My people, the Dutch Indo, have long used other methods of washing. And living with two people who survived WW2, I've learned quite a number of interesting survival ways: Always have a bottle of water in the bathroom. It's called Chebot or Gayung. A bottle of water to clean your bottom! Who knew? Then you'll need those cut-up t-shirt pieces to dry, I suppose. Have another bucket (I'm certain the crafty ladies will make those buckets look pretty.) to put the discarded materials in. Or wash them and reuse. Before you say uuuwww, isn't that what we do with cloth diapers? Okay, enough of that. Here's directions on how to make your own toilet paper. 

It's not something I have time for but we might be forced to, I say that with a smile. We will need the sun's help and a lot of patience. 

How to Make Your Own Toilet Paper

1. The first step would be to remove as much ink as possible from the paper, by soaking it in a tub or a bucket. Afterwards take the paper and place it in a pot with leaves and grass which will help the fibers remain together. The pot should be filled with water so that it completely covers the paper and then left to simmer. It is important not to boil the water from the beginning so that the dry materials have a chance to absorb the water.

2. After an hour of simmering comes about half an hour of boiling at high temperatures. It’s ok to add more water if necessary. You will also need to remove the foam which begins to rise to the top, as this is mostly ink, glue and other materials you don’t want.

3. Eventually, the paper turns into a pulp. At this time you will have to remove the water but without disturbing the pulp. Try to remove as much as possible and then simply wait for it to cool before removing the rest of the water. The pulp also needs to be taken out in order to remove the water, but it should not be done so that the pulp becomes completely dry. Once this is done the pulp is put back in the pot and it is mixed with the softening oils. If you have it, you can also add Witch Hazel which will act as an anti-bacterial.

4. Once this step is complete, it is time to scoop out the pulp. Do it in chunks and place them on a towel or a cloth on a flat surface. Afterwards you will use a rolling pin in order to spread out the pulp in a thin layer. Try to make it as thin as possible. A mallet can be used to gently deal with any lumps that might appear.

5. Now another towel or cloth should be placed on top of the layer as to create a sandwich. On top of this place something flat and rigid and then something heavy. You can even walk on it if you want. The goal here is to remove all the excess water.

6. If this is done you can remove the items placed on top. Be careful with the second towel as you do not want it to stick to the pulp. In order to remove the towel on the bottom, you will have to flip it all upside down. Do not try to remove the pulp off the towel.

Then you are left with a big layer of thin paper which needs to dry in the sun. Afterwards all you have to do is cut it into pieces and you’ll have your DIY toilet paper.

Taken from Survivopedia

Nevertheless, check your pantry and see what you've stored for emergencies. You might surprise yourself. I did. Plus we Dutch Indonesians buy bulk simply because Indonesian food isn't available in our local supermarket so we stock up when driving into LA County. Soto Ayam anyone? That's a whole other post.

Stay calm, my friends, find solutions, and remember if we trust God in good times we can trust him through the storms? This is a big one for sure.


  1. Wonderful, encouraging post! I am finding that things I didn't think were deliverable actually are. Who knew I could order 50lbs of black oil sunflower seeds delivered? Not watching too much news is something my mom (who I caregive for) reminded me. She told me to turn off the TV when President Trump was talking today. Keeping a right perspective and trusting Jesus through it all is vital.

    1. Thank you Friend Unknown, yes, this is definitely a time to stay calm and trust God. I love ordering online, like you said ... everything is on the internet. Of course we might have to wait a little longer for our orders now. No problem. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. DWonderful message for today and needed. As children of God, we need to be setting the example for those around us by sharing and helping. Stay safe and thanks.

    1. You're welcome Yvonne. This reminds me, gotta go and see how my neighbor is doing. I love how this really isn't a hard thing ... to love our neighbors, share, and help. Hope you're doing okay, too.

  3. How cool to have a recipe for making toilet paper! You rock, Deb!!

  4. I have never seen this recipe for making toilet paper. Very interesting. Thankful to find comfort in God and His Word.

  5. I agree with your advice not to watch the news. I found myself just sitting around and doing nothing for a few days. Yesterday, I shut off the radio and turned on Christian music. I found it possible to move, to do things. And how to make your own TP! Thant's great!

  6. I loved your reference to God’s command to just take what was needed for the day. To trust him for the daily manna - and only "take as much as you need for the day, no less, no more.” And here we are, after all these thousands of years later. And the question remains, will we be as able and willing to just take what we need and trust God for the rest.

  7. Insightful and encouraging. It's so interesting to watch the world change in a matter of weeks. Our country has been so divided, and many had been praying about that. God is amazing how he takes what Satan delivers as evil, and turns it into many things that are good for us. I love the good things that are happening. Families uniting, political parties working together, and people helping people. --Sharon

  8. Deborah, I sure never thought there was a way to make homemade T.P. :-)

  9. A first for me...liking a post with instructions on how to make toilet paper!

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