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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Shopping with The Caregiver And More Freebies

OH my goodness, Kohl's ... maybe they're going out of business. I don't know, but clothes are like 80 percent off. Don't quote me, I'm bad at math. But we shopped for over $700 dollars, yet the bill was $200. That's quite a savings. Clothes for me, daughter, and Mom and Dad. And praise be, they had clean bathrooms and a family one. This is a must when traveling with two dementia patients. I can't explain how new clothes can cheer up any caregiver. Just don't stay in pj's all day. You're beautiful, be beautiful and smile.

Well now, yes, this is my shopping-list post, sprinkled with a few new freebies. Try not to yawn, it's important. Well, that's what my mom says. So, for anyone who's interested and beware, affiliate links linger here, but that's to say I actually do shop there myself. The gathered intel will blow your mind. Seriously! 

There's also a little blurp on how to monetize your blogs. And fyi, I only showcase affiliates that I believe in. Truly I do. And with California facing another lock down (that's a whole other ball of wax, or can of worms, etc.) working from home, especially using our blogs, can be quite a life saver. Bloggers unite, I say. 

Nonetheless, as a caregiver I'm looking for deals and everything else that makes life run a little smoother. You know you're a caregiver of both parents when "going out" is to pick up groceries that you've ordered online, at Walmart. Short outings makes them happy, so who am I to argue that. It helps when the drive to Walmart includes animal fields filled with sheep, lambs, goats, kids, bison, camels, zebras, and a monument to Baby Jesus in the midst of it all. Yes, they all get along in the same pasture.

So this week we're doing Hello Fresh again because I forgot to cancel. Not worries: Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Creamy Lemon Tomato Spaghetti; and, Gouda Vibes Burgers with Tomato Onion Jam and Potato Wedges. I have two Dutch Indo parents who are just in love with Hello Fresh. I won't update the menu, but most of it is delicious. And as usual, I'm grateful it's shipped on time, packaged in ice very nicely, and not to mention they've made a gourmet chef out of me ... Mom and Dad say so.

Just for you, caregiver or not, make life a little easier and get your meal kits delivered. I highly recommend this.

I don't know your feelings about Walmart, but for us, they're pretty much a life-line. We're trying other avenues that will deliver or do your groceries. But for now, we've grown accustomed to "What's new at Walmart? and no delivery charge is great." I'm checking out the Fourth of July specials. Doing all my shopping online keeps me sane, especially these days when social distancing is a thing. Follow the link for the Stay-At-Home 4th of July needs. There's still time.

My Recommendations (The affiliates I Actually Use):
1. Grubhub: I love tracking the little car online to see where the driver is. Oy, I need a hobby. I love the app that tells me the food has been delivered. They're allowed to ring the Ring but sometimes they don't. 

2. Rakuten: Shop, get money back. Download the app and you're ready to go. I made $32 this month. Wayfair and Walmart are my biggest deals. If I shopped at Macy's I could probably make a lot more ... but, you know ... Macy's!

3. DoorDash: Today I let Mom and Dad try a taste of Denny's. It's been years since they last had a meal from there, even though they don't remember they ever graced Denny's facilities. They both need calories, but I did the 550 calorie meals, and weird to say food from Denny's keeps their BP below 120. Weird, I know. It also seems that DoorDash, the delivery service we used this time, is a tad bit cheaper than Grubhub. I love them both. 

4. True Leaf Market: This is where I shop for seeds to grow in my garden. I'm at the learning stage. My cucumbers have taken over our raised garden in the front. And I'm pretty sure my neighbors have snipped a few off the vine. At least I hope they're my neighbors. Anyhow, we'll be looking for organic at True Leaf Market. Maybe this time next year we've learned how to grow our own food. Our cucumbers have been a great starter project for us.

Visit True Leaf Market

This list will grow as I find my favorite places to shop online. Hope you come shop with us. And if you're interested in making a living from your blog, try SKIMLINKS. No need to look for merchants that match your site, they're all here in one place. Try it, I know you'll like it.

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