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Friday, December 11, 2020

Caregiving In The Year of COVID 19

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Does it feel like Christmas yet? We're probably not doing the Christmas tree this year. Sad, I know. Is your tree up? I think this blog post might have more questions than answers. By the way, did you get any work done in 2020? Were you blessed with health? Trusting the Lord with your finances? Home-schooling children? Or taking care of loved ones? How did 2020 change your life? 

Nothing really changed much for us. We were already "quarantined" since 2017. As a matter of fact I had published a nice list of things to do to restore or keep your sanity. You should read it, maybe add your own wisdom to that list.

I wish for more writing time but that discipline is on pause. My friend, Ginger Galloway, however, managed to squeeze in some writing time. Even through this crazy 2020 season, she managed to publish another book.


Gerald Learned to Tie His Shoes is a gem lighting up this dark year. Take a look if you would. Ginger did an amazing job on the illustrations, as well. I wish I could take credit, but I can't, so I won't. It does have our logo on the inside of the book. Makes me look good, but she did all the work.

For me, well ... it's December. We've made it through the most turbulent year of our time, or so it seems. Of course, our elders might have something to say about that: WW2, Invasion of their homeland, POWs both Mom and Dad, The Great Depression, and more to list I'm sure.

But this year, for us, is our WW2. And changing the numbers from 20 to 21 probably won't change this situation we've found ourselves in ... not for a while, at least. Voting a new president into office will not cure racism or a pandemic. I don't know how you voted but as Christians we can only say that God is on the Throne, in control, not surprised, and not helpless. 

For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Might God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. ~Isaiah 9:6 (NKJV)

In any case, as a cautious and responsible caregiver, I've kept Mom and Dad inside most of the year. When traveling we wear masks but the only public place they've been in is Lowe's and looking for our new forever home. Oh yeah, we're moving. In the middle of a pandemic. I see another blog post coming: I Want To Live On A Farm.

But moving on ... For all our grocery needs, I order online from Walmart (If you're elderly, or a caregiver this makes life so much easier. Give it a try. It's free.); they shop for us, I set a time for a pickup, pack Mom and Dad in my little jeep and off we go. We never leave the car, but we do wear our masks. Even though it irritates us. 

I'm convinced that my whole household had COVID 19 in December of 2019. Either that or it was an extreme flu of some sort that we've never had before. Mind you, I've only ever had the flu about 10 years ago. I just don't get sick all that often. Maybe it's the Lord giving me grace. Nevertheless, we got through whatever it was we had: dry cough (mine would not go away for weeks), fever, drippy nose, a little hard to breathe, then all was well. I may have given mom Aleve for her sore throat. She couldn't swallow.

Trying to explain a world wide pandemic to dementia patients is near to impossible and reminding them why we can't go anywhere can get tiresome. I'm a broken record, so to speak. Praying for patience and wisdom.

I'm tired of the politics also. Somehow we've politized a pandemic. Pointing fingers at who's to blame. Seriously? I don't think anyone knows anything about this virus, and who is to blame. We all have opinions and it got us nowhere except angry, hateful, and divided. And maybe even now, you're saying, "yeah, but." In the end, whether you believe it or not, God has the last say.

Throughout this pandemic, the Lord has kept my family save. Even my son who works at Amazon and my daughter who works at a winery restaurant have not been sick. I pray for protection every day. I think they know that, but I'll remind them again.

I pray for my own health: emotional, mental, and physical health. Caregivers might need extra doses of each.  Taking Elderberry, drinking orange juice, taking my own meds, and using essential oils are my attempts to stay healthy. So far, so good.

Would I take the COVID 19 vaccine? I'm afraid not. And that's a no for my parents also. We're keeping a close eye on nations like the UK who are rolling out the vaccines as we speak. Did I hear side affects have been discovered? "Don't take it if you're allergic." Allergic to what? And this, of course, could be a whole separate blog post in itself. Maybe we'll go there later.

My parents are at risk for this virus. Dad has diabetes, suffers from dementia, Mom is showing signs of dementia, they have heart problems, and take blood thinners. At this point it might be science versus God. I choose God. 

Prayer: Lord keep us healthy. Keep us kind. May we be anxious for nothing. In our homes or at our jobs we will not fear, for you promised to walk us through the darkest storms. Thank you for your Son, the Prince of Peace. Jehovah Rapha heal our people and our land. Amen.

Not A Merry Christmas Poem

This is the season
We did not see coming
But maybe we did
After all ...
He never promised us roses
Or sunshine each day
He said trials were coming
Even to stay
And where would we run?
Safe in our homes?
We fight to put who on the throne?
We lean to the left
We fall to the right
We take away power
And use our own might
Who is left standing
On Earth even now?
Would you know
If you don't read his Word
How to survive in a drowning world?
Be ready in all circumstances
He said
But is anyone listening anymore?
The Savior is knocking on your door
Do not despair or live in fear
The Prince of Peace is already here.

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