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Monday, January 10, 2022

The Circle of Life

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From our Free Coloring book. Link below.

Every few months I head on over to our local pharmacy to pick up my meds. It's a short drive to Walmart (my town has a cute little Walmart Marketplace) and this time I was prepared for Mom to ask if they could come with me. That means getting out the walkers and wheelchair, and cramping them both in the back of my mini-Jeep. Mind you, they never come inside with me so these are for emergency purposes only.

I thanked the Lord for our beautiful ramp and off we went. It's wonderful, really, how a simple journey to the pharmacy is equal to a marvelous and most adventurous field trip. Every familiar sight to me is new for them. Dementia is a cursed thing, but joy is a blessing. 

Now, I am part of what has lovingly been dubbed as the Sandwich Generation even though my grown kids are now quite independent and out of the nest. Still, I am reminded of the day when my daughter, then a toddler, would come to Oma's house and check out what was new on the kitchen table or in the fridge. A bowl of candy ... always, and Dutch delights in the fridge.

My daughter would smile, sit quietly and patiently on Oma's old and weathered kitchen chair, looking wide-eyed at the candy bowl and mischievously say, "Mmmm, I've never tasted that before." In other words, may I have some please?

Today, as I pulled out of Walmart's driveway, colorful pictures of hamburgers, French fries, and ice cream cones flashed by on the windows of McDonald's, Arby's, Panera's, Blaze Pizza, In n' Out, and the list goes on. Arby's was what caught Mom's eye today. I didn't say a word till I heard, "Mmmm, I've never tasted that before."

It's official, the circle of life has begun. I had to giggle as we approached the drive-through. Good thing I like roast beef sandwiches and milk shakes.

You've got to find those blessings, those nuggets of joy. These are usually found in the smallest of details. On that note, I've created a coloring book because Mom loves to color and we love to share. So it's free. And if you think of us next time you go grocery shopping, here's our link to Walmart's Grocery pick up or delivery. We all score $15 off our grocery bill.

Download our Free Coloring Book 

and share the fun. Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate it.

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