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Their Wedding
“Dad had a stroke,” Mom whispered over a hospital landline. And that was it. Life shattered like glass shards. We were left to walk on the broken pieces. Every step hurt. Life suddenly changed not only for my father but also for Mom, my two adult children, and me—the instant caregiver.

It seemed only natural that the care-giving duties should fall on me since I was already living with Mom and Dad, I had no husband, and no career—apparently, “author” or “writer” is not considered a real job unless you make your first million. Sarcasm aside, I never thought about becoming the caregiver; there wasn’t a discussion about it, or a vote; I just … became.

Two weeks after Dad’s stroke, the unthinkable happened: Mom also suffered one—in front of Dad while trying to take care of him in the skilled nursing and rehab center. Two weeks after that, the bills began cramming our mail box. Transportation by Medi-Vac—twice—is not cheap. But I digress. If you’re a caregiver, I don’t have to go into detail how over-whelming it is.

The idea of a Caregiver’s Devotional came to me as I was writing in my daily prayer journal and realized a repeating theme—Help! But I also saw, as each day passed, how God remained faithful and ever-present, and how family, friends, and neighbors scurried to our rescue.

This devotional is about sharing the small victories, God’s astronomical ones, and His general guiding awesomeness along a very bumpy road marred with pot holes. It’s about hope, learning not to feel stuck, how to recognize the funny and wonderful stories and priceless anecdotes, personal growth, and discovering a thankful heart when it looks like there’s nothing to be thankful for.

I have no degree of any sort. These devotionals come from my own personal experience. I do not have a medical degree in any field of expertise. Not even in theology. This blog really is my opinions and sharing my life experiences as a caregiver. My hope is that you, the caregiver, will find something of value that can make the care-giving just a little easier on the body, mind, and soul.

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