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Freebies and Everyday Gift Ideas

Welcome to Summer. Here's our first Summer Treat ...

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Featured Freebies

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A Foreword of Sorts
Hey there Fellow Caregivers, and other friends, I'm on the hunt to find the best freebies, and I'm excited to share some of my own creations.

Besides a whole list of wonderful freebies, this page will contain crazy cool ideas of how family members and friends can help the caregiver in their lives. 

Sometimes it's a text message to say, "Hi, praying for you. Is there anything you need?" Other times, it's a quick visit, or a card in the mail—homemade greeting cards are the bomb, inspiring or hilarious.

How about a care package? Oh the JOY! We do love greeting cards, funny or cute, so I'll mention greeting cards again? Gift cards? Flowers perhaps? Recently, I've acquired a love of indoor plants. And chocolate, always chocolate! Or give the caregiver a few hours of your time ... per week if possible, or per month? She'd love to sit at Starbucks with a friend or two, go to church, or join a gym.

And you know what would make this caregiver's day? If you read her blog. Or spread the word about The Caregiver's Devotional.

Freebies Continued ... 

Here's a cute little bookmark. FREE to download. Right click to save to your computer, or click here for pdf of all three Baby Owl Bookmarks. Love, Peace, Joy, and Sappiness to you all. 

Or sign up for FREE at Canva and make your own. It's a great stress reliever to create something fun and share. 

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The Gift of Coloring

This next section is a collection of Coloring books from tcd's affiliate, Dover Publications. I will include my own published coloring books as well. It's my pleasure. And I've added a short list of favorites. Coloring books and coloring cards are great everyday gifts for both the caregiver and the ones receiving care. Keeping Mom and Dad busy for a few hours is pure JOY! (Did I mention that JOY is my Word of the Year for 2020?)

Anyhow, coloring really is a wonderful way to calm and soothe the soul, so to speak. It's a thoughtful Birthday, or any-time gift. Add a box of coloring pencils, we don't mind crayons even, and perhaps a pencil sharpener. We're good to go for those moments we can steal away from our everyday day. I've included coloring on my page, "How To Stay Emotionally Healthy." 

A Freebie from Dover ...
Free coloring page and book excepts from Dover

Coloring Books from Dover

Thank you for taking a look at these. I love how Dover offers free pages. These are all over PInterest. I have them on my boards. Their books are fanciful, playful, modern as well as vintage. There's something for everyone. 

Coloring Books to Relax

Our Own Collection 
by Deborah L. Alten and Ginger Galloway (based on Proverbs 31)

Free Collection of Coloring pages

Scripture Coloring Pages
Collect All Three Here: A book of these might be coming soon
Find my scripture coloring pages on Pinterest

Download FREE Here

Our Free Bookmarks to Color

Favorite Collection
In The Garden Color and Frame coloring book  by Lily Ashbury
Very Merry Coloring Cards ... We celebrate Christmas in July

Everyday Gifts That Might Cost a Few Pennies
(Affiliate links are included. It won't cost you anything to click the links. I, however, may be compensated if you buy the product. This is immeasurably appreciated.)

Gift cards
Gas cards
Fruit Baskets (Got to keep your caregiver healthy, right?)
Coloring Books, of course (Most dementia patients enjoy coloring)
Books (fiction and nonfiction)
Flowers and Chocolate (Pure JOY! Something every caregiver needs.)
Movie Tickets
Did I mention I wrote a book for caregivers? Forevermore: Poetry, Prayers, and Scriptures for the Caregiver ... 

Thank you for visiting our page. 
We hope you stop by now and again 
as we update our freebies and gift ideas.
Love, Peace, Joy, and Sappiness to you all.


  1. Bookmarking this for when I need ideas. Thank you!

  2. Wonderful ideas, Deb. These are simple and practical things, and definitely speak volumes to the caregiver. I like how the range goes from a care package to a text saying hello and asking if the caregiver needs anything. Great reminders to not forget the caregiver often needs "care" as well and encouragement will go a long way in supporting their efforts.

  3. So true, so true. I'll take the gift of time, or a simple text message anytime. Those things are priceless and health to my bones. Caregivers definitely need care themselves. Thanks Karen. Your comments are priceless.

  4. I have been writing letters to people throughout this time who I know may be having it a little rough. I also jut received a color your own greeting card book and I didn't know how much I truly needed it to unwind. Great reminder to take a moment to think of the caregivers in our life.

  5. I like the coloring pages. I know a few people who might enjoy these pages to color. Thank you!