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Best Affiliate Programs for Caregivers

It's 2020 !
This post will obviously contain affiliate links. Just FYI, clicking on those links will not cost you anything. However, if you decide to buy the item, service, or join the affiliate, I do receive payment. For this, I am eternally grateful.

Skimlinks, The Reviews ...

COVID 19 has forced us into a quarantine life. For caregivers it's pretty much the norm already, except the pick-up grocery service at Walmart needed strategy and patience. We got there, eventually. We had to wait for the panic buying to stop.

Nonetheless, if you find yourself looking for side jobs on the internet, I can show you what has been working for me. It won't make you instantly financially secure, but it all adds up and keeps food on the table, so to speak.

Since diving into the affiliate world of marketing I've found that making sales is extremely hard, unless you have many, and I mean many, or faithful followers. This takes time, and I had to find my own way. I took advice from the experts, but nothing seemed to work. I'm just a 60-something stay-at-home caregiver with not a lot of time on her hands. But here goes.

Since making sales with companies like shareasale.com is extremely hard (you can try it out for yourself here: shareasale.com ), I found that directing my followers, friends, and family to websites that would interest them, and myself, was not a problem. It's just that I couldn't really convince anyone to buy. COVID 19 has made it even harder. But what if I could get paid to just direct them there? 

Hooray for Skimlinks

I'm almost certain you haven't heard of them. I certainly hadn't and I had to do a Google search to find them. Thought I'd give it a shot. It took me a while before I found my niche, as they say. Marketing nor advertising is my cup of tea, so I decided to be myself and search out the companies that I trust and buy from, or would love to buy from, and share them with my followers. It worked. 

Let me try to share a campaign with you. For instance, my mom and dad have always loved shopping with Haband (yes, that's an affiliate link). But seriously, for more than 30 years now they've been loyal shoppers. Instead of using their mailed catalog I decided to see if they were online, isn't everyone, and shop from there. Come to find out, they are part of the Skimlinks family. Can I get a "woo hoot"?

So on our "On the Move with Oma and Opa" Facebook page I announced that I was shopping for my parents and I would love for all my friends and family's input and have them pick out two shirts for Oma and a pair of pajamas or sweatpants for Opa. Success, because my followers, family, and friends are awesome they visited Haband online and gave me their choices.

My wonderful niece then decided that she would buy the clothes for her Oma and Opa. Wow, win win here. Successful campaign. 

Now I'm not saying you're going to make millions, but at this point is anyone really looking to make millions? I know, anything can happen. And I'm sure our economy could use the boost.

By biggest earnings thus far has come from Grubhub. I know, right? It was a total surprise to me, too. Ten percent from the bill is not a bad payout. Home delivery is something we've always done since my parents fell ill, so this was a blessing. Companies like Amazon was a part of the Skimlinks family but (and I was making sweet cash with them) since the pandemic they've pulled out. I'm hoping that they will return after all this is over. We're praying for it.

That was my update. I hope you'll join me. At this point I'll be putting all my eggs in Skimlinks's basket. I figure if I concentrate on one program I'll do better. It's the only way for me to go. Below are the other affiliates I'm still a part of, so I'll keep them here for now. Rakuten would be my only other program I feel comfortable enough to recommend. Besides getting money back they have an awesome customer service. 

The other great site is ShareAShale. Again if you join you can then pick which merchants you would like to work with. See list of my merchants below.

OH, just a side note. If you haven't joined Rakuten you can do so here. With Rakuten you'll earn money back. I mean it's totally worth it. For instance I buy the meal kits from HelloFresh, which costs me (for a family of 5) around $80. Rakuten pays me $15 back. They ran a special around New Year's and paid back $30. You can't really lose with them because you get money back for the normal shopping you do at Walmart, Target, andsoforth. Try it out. 

Erin Condren: Beautiful Life Organizing Planners
Erin has pretty images you can use for Pinterest, some of them translate very well for social media or you can make your own pins. 

Skechers: We live in them! cpc

1800Flowers: Always sales, and special going on. It's February, the LOve month. cpc

LinkSoul: Extremely soft and comfy clothes ... cpc

Wayfair: Who doesn't love Wayfair?

Teleflora: Same day delivery available--but don't forget your Valentine. cpc

Furthermore, the list below comprises of carefully picked affiliate programs. I love the products and even though The Caregiver's Devotional is in its beginning stages of working with affiliates (the right way) I will report soon on how profitable these are. After all, is it not every caregiver's dream to stay home and make a living? (**heads nodding**) 

Hope you join me as I journal my progress. Remember if you sign up with me I do get paid by that company but only if you buy a product or like I said, join the affiliate. Otherwise, it doesn't cost you a penny, a dime, nor a colorful plastic Aussie dollar.

The following have a CPC (cost per click or pay per click) program. Yes, they will pay you for every click on their link. Make sure you and your family and friends don't have a click session. They'll know. I run most of these through Skimlinks.

HelloFresh is more than an affiliate link. We use it. We love it. I won't steer you wrong. Their ingredients are fresh, as their name suggests, the meals are super easy and quick (a caregiver's dream) and there's so many specials and perks. Invite a friend to join, send them free meals and even get paid for doing that. 

Their affiliate program runs even smoother if you join Skimlinks . Grab their "add on" app, it works like Pinterest. In any case give HelloFresh a try, you can even skip a week if you need to.

Skechers YES Sketchers. We call them Opa's Magic Shoes and Oma's Power Walkers. Dad is mostly wheelchair-bound but he gets up to go to the bathroom; to get into bed; and into the car. He say's the shoes make him feel strong like he can walk. Well, he's at least more sturdy on his feet and he can walk from the house to the car with a walker ... in his Magic  Shoes. 

Oma likes to work in the garden with her Power Walkers. Oy, we should not have bought her the white ones.

The following affiliates are part of the ShareASale network.

ShareASale (You are paid by ShareASale for all the merchants you join)
Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content. shareasale.com.

Try Crossflix Free for 30 Days for Unlimited Access to Videos for Christians

Put Me In The Story
Bestselling children's storybooks personalized for your child at PutMeInTheStory.com

I looked through my extensive library and lo and behold I found the book from "Put Me In The Story" for my son. He was about 8 years old when he received his for Christmas.

Dover Publications has Christmas coloring books.  And there's even a Holiday Coloring contest going on till December 31st. Details are on the page. 

Here's a caregiver's secret: Coloring is good for the soul. There is something absolutely calming when you color and it gives hours of joy to the one you're taking care of. Mom, who suffered two strokes, takes great delight in these coloring books. Yep, I'm back to sticking masterpieces on the fridge. 

Erin Condren
Join the Erin Condren affiliate program.
These are beautiful planners, stickers, and so much more.

Essential Oils by Edens Garden
This is not an affiliate program persay. And you don't have to join ShareASale for this one. Edens Garden has great prices and they do have a rewards' program. You receive points for your personal orders and signing up other people via a special link. Points earned gives you a nice discount (and freebies) when you buy your oils on their website. I've already stored up enough rewards for a couple of freebies. Order Here if you like. 

Thanks for dropping by and don't forget to share our page. We appreciate it.


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