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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Review of Rakuten And Does It Benefit the Caregiver

Have you seen the commercials? Rakuten is easy peazy cash back, enough to pay for Christmas presents. Well, I'll admit, it is pretty good. Will we get rich though? I doubt it, but hey ... cash back from stores where you shop already? That sounds good, right? Is Rakuten worth it? Quick answer: yes ... so far. 

What we're looking for as caregivers is how to simplify life, stay joyful, and save dollars. We don't need another online program to join that might take away precious time and perhaps money, and add yet another tasty or sour morsel to our plates? Trust me, I'm trying to work this online business thing out myself so I waited to join Rakuten only to find out, when I finally went to their website, I had already joined four years ago. Say what?

Needless to say, I had zilch in that account but decided to see what the fuss was about and start using it. 

Go figure, it works. In two days I've made, wait for it ... $2. Okay, okay, not the gazillions they're talking about ... yet. Nonetheless, I'm determined to make this work, yes I am, simply because it was free to join and I'm curious.

Join here, if you would, because like everything else online they have an affiliate program. Getting the word out seems extremely important to them. So there you have it.

I assume the reason why I've made a measly couple of dollars thus far is because I've only shopped at Walmart where I ordered a few supplies like toilet paper, bird food, and those unmentionables for Dad. Rakuten gave me 2 percent of my total bill. Think about that though, I always shop online at Walmart and never received 2 percent back and depending on the day (like a holiday) the percentage could go higher.

My family depend on meal kits like Hello Fresh and never knew Rakuten pays back $10, and even $30 on New Year's Eve. Oh my! If only we had known. If I receive $10 back per week I can now pay off my daughter's Christmas present ... almost.

What's nice, of course, it's free to join. Then you add the Rakuten app, which is an extension on your browser. It's quick and easy and so far no problems for me. 

Yes, I confess, I'm sold on Rakuten. I'm actually a little too excited about it. I need to chill because, you know, this will translate into bugging my family and friends so they join. I have bills to pay therefore, I'll be a bug for a while. I truly believe they'll be excited about it as well. 

Quite frankly why isn't everyone using this? You shop like you usually do—Walmart, Target, Kohl's, Ulta, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, a bazillion other stores and get money back. For caregivers this is one easy, yes peazy, way to earn some of that hard-earned cash back. There's no anxiety to it, as Rakuten will let you know how much you can earn every time you visit a site. 

I just went to the Hobby Lobby site for a little research, and even though they have a 40 percent sale going on right now, you still get 2 percent back from Rakuten. Win win!

Payment is quarterly (every three months) and you must have $5 in your account. That seems like no problem. Of course, I haven't been paid yet. I will update this post as soon as I do.

This was a quick and short review. Hope you join me, it's not necessary, of course, but I'm all about finding simple ways to bring savings and joy to our everyday days. Peace, Love, Joy, and Sappiness to you ALL.

Join Rakuten Here


  1. Great, simple review. Rakuten does sound appealing. If you're going to shop anyway... I love that you had already joined 4 years ago. Haha! I can really relate to that! Hope it does truly make your life easier. It's a great tip for the rest of us (I will think about it) and especially for wonderful caregivers.

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